Decking the halls downtown - Lights, action, excitement as St William Grant Park underscores Kingston Christmas

The recently lit Christmas tree stands regal in the St William Grant Park in downtown Kingston and the afternoon's heavy rains, post-work evening hustle and bustle, trees dressed in various colours all mingled with noise, charm and character of this busy area when our news team visited last Wednesday.

Free Style - Emancipation Park alive and well

The heavy Wednesday evening downpour in sections of the Corporate Area did not stop individuals from gathering in Emancipation Park - the secured, cultural, recreational and entertainment centre, nestled between Oxford Road and Knutsford Boulevard in New Kingston.

'Rock of Ages' - David Keane lionised at funeral

Musical selections and dance presentations, complemented by flag-waving church members, made it clear that despite the tears, it was a celebration for the life of David Keane, and not a mourning of his death, at the Church on the Rock in St Andrew yesterday.

Spare the 'she' goats!

Would I be getting the entire goat?Spare the 'she' goats!Jamaica imported goat meat valued at just over $213 million last year as local farmers failed to meet the demand for a key component of one of the favourite dishes for parties and sessions,...

Transforming Rose Town - Digicel Foundation gives a hand as residents launch into block making and woodwork

The sometimes-troubled inner-city community of Rose Town, in South St Andrew, is continuing its transformation with the introduction of block and wood manufacturing.

No more private sector free ride - Anti-corruption watchdogs to target corrupt commercial entities

Private sector entities engaged in corrupt practices are to face greater scrutiny next year when the anti-corruption watchdog, the National Integrity Action (NIA), begins to place more focus on corporate entities.

Permanent secretaries and accountability (Part 2)

The Public Bodies Management and Accountability Act (which the opposition spokesman on finance correctly recollected, evolved from some governance issues in respect to many public bodies, although he was not entirely correct to say that annual reports and audited financial statements should be laid in Parliament by July 31 of each year)...

'One of the best years of my life'

My 2014 began in the usual way with commitments to accomplish various goals and tasks. It was to be a year of personal development and growth both professionally and personally.

One of the toughest years, says NEF - Lack of funding forces entity established to support children, particularly those with disabilities, to scale back plans

On the face of it, 2014 was a challenging year, both personally and professionally, for us at the Nathan Ebanks Foundation (NEF). It was one of the toughest years for our organisation to date.

'Saving Jamaica one family at a time' - Family Life Ministries committed to encouraging and promoting healthy life in accordance with the principles of the Bible

Almost on a daily basis we are bombarded with negative stories about the state of the family in Jamaica. We hear of neglect, violence, and pain in families; brothers killing brothers, runaway children, unfaithful spouses.

Inside the spirit world - Is science proving the existence of ghosts?

He is president of The Office of Paranormal Studies; professor at Atlantic College and instructor of parapsychological studies at the California-based HCH Institute. His mentorship programme attracts students worldwide.

Freedom of religion and its impact on education

Plato is credited with the statement, "God is not responsible for the actions of those having free will". That is an apt quote from a secular mind to strengthen the tenets of the freedom of religious choices allowed by God.

Service before self - Fellowship Tabernacles agree on theme for 2015

More than 1,600 persons from five Fellowship Tabernacles recently gathered for the second annual Congress of Churches, at the Tabernacle headquarters on Fairfield Avenue in Kingston.

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