Make realistic New Year Resolutions to lose weight

Millions worldwide resolve to lose weight and commit to healthful eating at the beginning of each year, but many resolutions are notoriously broken. Why? Many registered dietitian nutritionists say that fad diets are partly to blame....

Happiness means better health

About now many of us are doing our personal year-in-review evaluations and are wondering 'Was this a good year?', 'Am I really happy?', 'What would make me happy?', 'Is this job really working for me?', 'Am I in the right relationship?'The list is endless....

Five reasons you are not losing fat

Having trouble sticking to your diet? When your body doesn't respond to your efforts the way you expect, it's easy to lose the motivation to continue."Most dieters are using outdated or inefficient methods to reach their goals," says Dian Griesel, PhD,...

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