LETTER OF THE DAY - LIME Super Cup hurting schoolboy football

I must first commend ISSA for its hard work in developing schoolboy football to the level it is at now. We continue to see so many rising stars in Jamaica, and no doubt the Manning Cup, the daCosta Cup, the Walker Cup and the Olivier Shield have all contributed to the overall development of Jamaica's aspiring young football talent.

Preserve our national flag

As one who was privileged to witness the emergence of Jamaica's national flag, it hurts me to see the distortion of its colours to the extent that most of our people, especially young people, do not know the correct hues. To most, the colours are green, black and yellow, with no specific shades.

Corruption shadow dogs politicians

Your headline on the front page of The Gleaner dated December 17, 2014, screaming 'Prove it!' is a testament that our modern-day politicians do not care about the public's perception indices. It is a pity that they have disregarded the fact that the public's perception is far more damaging than reality.

Cuba-US trade could hurt Jamaica

The thawing of relations between Washington and Havana is good for Americans and also for Cubans. But I have one concern - and it's a selfish one.

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