LETTER OF THE DAY - Inefficient dissemination of information on chikungunya disease

THE EDITOR, Sir: I have observed with great consternation the inefficient dissemination of information by the minister of government responsible for health on the issue of the vector-borne disease chikungunya.

Open letter to PM Simpson Miller

THE EDITOR, Sir: Madame Simpson Miller, At the start of your political journey, what was that one thing you wished for all Jamaicans? What was your real motive for entering the said arena?

Don't celebrate mediocrity

THE EDITOR, Sir: It has become the norm for political parties and their supporters to celebrate mediocre performance in Jamaica.

Combating diseases at our ports

THE EDITOR, Sir: I note that the Ebola virus has now expanded outside of Africa. This indeed is of great concern since travel is indeed a global business and people movement is difficult to control.

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