LETTER OF THE DAY - Don't flood hospitals with chikungunya cases

THE EDITOR, Sir: There is a misconception going around that persons are being told at the St Ann's Bay Hospital to visit health centres for chik-V symptoms.

Ebola and etiquette: man fi bow!

THE EDITOR, Sir: Western greetings and social etiquette embrace handshakes wholeheartedly as a norm. We go to a meeting at work and we shake hands with co-workers and clients.

Condemn Frater for barefaced lie

THE EDITOR, Sir: The despicable behaviour by Michael Frater in lying to the organisers of the Courtney Walsh Award for Excellence is only surpassed by the shocking silence on the issue by so many of his countrymen.

Shield women absolutely from marital rape

THE EDITOR, Sir: "... But the husband cannot be guilty of a rape committed by himself upon his lawful wife, for by their mutual matrimonial consent and contract the wife hath given up herself in this kind unto her husband which she cannot retract."

Men will always want to rule vaginas

THE EDITOR, Sir: I read with interest and laughter the commentary, 'Erica's Edge', captioned 'Calling All Vaginas', which appeared in your newspaper of October 22, 2014, and would like to add a vital piece of information that Ms Erica Virtue, the writer, has omitted.

Let us begin recycling more

THE EDITOR, Sir: Now that the clean-up to lessen the spread of chik-V is well under way, could I call for us to quickly pass container deposit legislation, to put a deposit on all those things that litter the road and clog the drains.

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