LETTER OF THE DAY - Change with the times, UCJ

THE EDITOR, Sir:I write in reference to the current 'storm' over the non-accreditation of programmes.

Teach the truth about history

THE EDITOR, Sir:Works like The Making of The West Indies, A History of Jamaica and all other outputs like those are nothing more than a whitewash of our history written by white or brown-skinned apologists who want to sugar- coat our colonial...

Severely punish road hogs

THE EDITOR, Sir:For how long will the ruling authorities continue pleading with motorists to stop the speeding and reckless driving on the streets?When will reckless and presumptuous drivers heed the warning to cut their speed and stop the dangerous...

Roger Clarke, a man of the people

THE EDITOR, Sir:I was at a school function when I got a text message informing me of Mr.

More tributes to Roger

THE EDITOR, Sir:Mr Boyne, I always enjoy reading your articles in the Sunday Gleaner because what you write always makes a lot of good sense and you are never usually coming from any of the two political platforms.

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