LETTER OF THE DAYFamily Court torture

I write to express my displeasure with doing business at the Family Court. With the primary purpose of going to the Family Court being delinquent, deadbeat sperm donors called fathers, the treatment received from the staff makes one feel like it is a bad decision to seek justice for one's children.

Violence against women unacceptable

Every year, hundreds of women are subject to various forms of violence, both subtle and obvious. Women are beaten in their homes, harassed on the streets and bullied on the Internet.

Shame on MPs backing light thieves

I read in The Gleaner of Sunday, November 23, 2014 that some members of parliament were peeved by the Jamaica Public Service Company's (JPS) anti-theft efforts.

Marleys betray Bob's legacy

I wanted to thank Steve Heilig for his article 'Are the Marleys high?' (Sunday Gleaner, November 23, 2014) which clearly pointed out the misuse and abuse of a beloved family name that is still revered by many as a light to society.

LIME-Columbus merger better for consumers

I am of the opinion that the impending merger between telecommunication providers Columbus Communication with LIME will result in better customer service on all fronts.

Boyne does disservice with extremism

Unlike Marcia Williams, who expressed her frustration with Ian Boyne in her letter in The Gleaner ('Rape is rape, Mr Boyne', November 24, 2014), I was not surprised by Ian Boyne's position that marital rape is an impossibility because of the implied consent in marital vows.

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