LETTER OF THE DAY: CJ - fix the foundation first

THE EDITOR, Sir:I believe that sometime in the future, Jamaica will need its own final court to replace the Privy Council, which has served us well and long.

Commissions of enquiry too expensive

THE EDITOR, Sir:The costs attached to organising commissions of enquiry in Jamaica continue to be far too expensive.

Ganja smoking shows contempt of court

THE EDITOR, Sir:Much has been made about the Government of Jamaica's commitment to the rule of law in its relations with the international community.

Praising Pryce for ganja gusto

THE EDITOR, Sir:The announcement by the justice minister, as carried in your online edition, regarding the decriminalisation of ganja, caught me by surprise.

Put Strachan behind bars

THE EDITOR, Sir:In a recent article on January 21, 2015, Noel Strachan claims he has made restitution to 90 per cent of those who invested.

Budget Debate pantomime

THE EDITOR, Sir:Since the Budget Debate is now to be reduced to four speakers, will it now be called a Budget presentation and no longer a debate, and why do they think people are tuned out?

Infantile demands of JGRA

THE EDITOR, Sir:The Jamaica Gasolene Retailers Association (JGRA) is demanding that Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell withdraw and apologise for demanding that gas station operators pass on to the wider public the reduction in prices of fuel.

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