LETTER OF THE DAY - Really, Dr Ferguson? Jamaica a health hub?

THE EDITOR, Sir:I recently heard Dr Fenton Ferguson whining about mounting criticism of his performance as health minister.

Mountain of a molehill on Cooke funeral

THE EDITOR, Sir: Samuel Martin's 'Why Catholic Church funeral for Sir Howard?' (Gleaner, July 21, 2014) reflects the short memory, or ignorance, of our people...

Gallons, billions going to waste

THE EDITOR, Sir: In a recent discussion with a high-level employee of the National Water Commission (NWC), I was informed that Kingston uses 40 million gallons of water per day. Of this 40m, I was shocked to learn that 19m gallons...

No widespread problems with Alcatel phones - Digicel

THE EDITOR, Sir: I write in response to a letter from Digicel customer, T.C., which was published in The Gleaner on Saturday, July 19, regarding challenges he experienced with the Alcatel DL 600 device purchased from one of our dealer stores.

If Hanna forms one more committee ...

THE EDITOR, Sir: There's a little saying in corporate, 'if you don't want to work, have meetings'. In the case of Lisa Hanna, set up committees...

Centres of excellence more than name change

THE EDITOR, Sir:Your editorial titled 'Excellence in name only?' of July 18, 2014 questioned whether the proposed rebranding of Hopewell High School as a centre of excellence for vocational studies was cosmetic or transformational in intent.As one of...

I won't sell my body to repay SLB

THE EDITOR, Sir:"I don't care where you get the money! My job is to collect for the Bureau!"These are the unfortunate words that greeted me when I decided to call the Students' Loan Bureau to explain that I hadn't secured a job and was unable to start...

Bahá'ís thank the late Sir Howard

THE EDITOR, Sir:The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Jamaica and the entire Bahá'í community of this island and the Cayman Islands join in expressing condolences on the passing of Sir Howard Cooke, a humble, astute, wise, kind, loving...

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