LIME's new fee dampens festivity

If you are a LIME customer, you would have seen an accompanying letter with your November bill from the CEO of LIME Caribbean, Martin Roos, informing you of an additional monthly fee of $262, inclusive of taxes as of January 1, 2015.

NHT has no trustees

I am particularly impressed with yesterday's article (Ronald Mason, 'Hypocrisy to the hilt', Sunday, November 23, 2014), and, in particular, your ability to distinguish between a trust in the context of a trust fund and the National Housing Trust, which is clearly defined at section 3(1)of the Act as a corporate body.

PICA's madness

It is natural for people to protect their property or possessions, but the government, through its agencies, has decided that they should punish holders of birth certificate by not accepting laminated copies.

Rape is rape, Mr Boyne

I am hopping mad and so disappointed that a man of the assumed calibre of Ian Boyne can be so blinkered and small-minded that he supports the belief that marital rape cannot exist legally or otherwise.

Outameni can showcase Jamaica's history

For the past week, I have been following the saga at the National Housing Trust (NHT) with the purchase of Outameni. Yes, it was a bad idea, but that doesn't mean that the investment cannot be salvaged.

How employers should treat workers with chik-V

Whether a privilege or an entitlement, most employers facilitate employees by granting a number of sick days each year to deal with spells of illnesses.

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