LETTER OF THE DAY - Hotel workers need help

THE EDITOR, Sir: I am not deaf, dumb nor blind to the fact that Jamaica is going through tough economic reform under the International Monetary Fund programme.

Get informed

THE EDITOR, Sir: On the current chik-v crisis, the key, to my thinking, is prevention. A little lemon eucalyptus oil can keep mosquitos at bay. In addition, not wearing fruity creams and the like would be helpful. Keep things natural and simple.

Keep church out of legislation

THE EDITOR, Sir: Despite not formally being part of the committee tasked with reviewing the Sexual Offences Act, the presence and force of the 'Church' can be felt.

Do you know Rome, Chronixx?

THE EDITOR, Sir: Please allow me to use your forum to pose this question to the artist known as Chronixx. Chronixx, have you ever visited Rome?

Go, Fly Jamaica, go

THE EDITOR, Sir: I flew to New York on Fly Jamaica in the 'dog-fraid' hours of October 18. It was a pleasant experience.

diG Jamaica

diG Jamaica

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