Mercy, please: Man serving life sentence on a judge's error begs Sir Patrick for clemency

A senior citizen has been languishing in prison for the past 21 years because of an error a judge made in 1993.The judge had ordered William Purcell, then 37 years old, to serve a mandatory life sentence for gun offences,...

PM, private sector salute late nation builder Chang

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has described Raymond Chang as an inspired business leader with a heart, who gave distinguished and diligent service to the land of his birth and his adopted homeland.Chang died in Canada yesterday, and Simpson...

Hats off to Westwood! - Trelawny school rises from humble beginnings to take place among Jamaica's best

Sitting upon a hilltop in Stewart Town, Trelawny, as if it were a tribute to the sun, Westwood High School has been shaping the lives of young women in post-Emancipation Jamaica for 132 years....

JLP selects young faces - Eight first-timers selected to run on party's ticket in next general election

EIGHTY PER cent of persons so far selected as candidates to represent the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in the next general election, due by...

ODPEM concerned by inadequate data on disabled persons

Richard Thompson, acting director general of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), has expressed concerns over what he describes as the lack of information on the location of persons living...

GSAT top scholars named

hard work and dedication has paid off for three students who are now basking in the glory of being named the top students in this year's Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).With perfect scores in all five subjects in the March exams, Rianna Blake...

DROUGHT CRISIS: Food shortage looms - Denbigh to explore solutions to dry spell

President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Senator Norman Grant, is in full support of using treated effluent to irrigate crops in the agriculture sector, as part of a long-term solution to Jamaica's recurring water woes....

Farmers struggling to survive

Bothered by the severe drought, which has destroyed several hectares of farm produce, farmers in Portland are struggling to cope with the intense and prolonged heat.The extremely dry condition has...

No mercy for tax cheats

Why does there appear to be a convenient avoidance of the terms 'tax debtor' or 'tax delinquent' in all the discussions relating to the Tax Harmonisation and Tax Collection (Miscellaneous Provisions) bills which are currently before the Parliament?Ever...

Everything will soon be non-existent - farmers

For a parish holding the highest agriculture production rate of 19.2 per cent and said to be the second breadbasket of the nation, farmers in Manchester have declared that farm...

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