Obama mulls large-scale move on immigration

WASHINGTON (AP):Even as they grapple with an immigration crisis at the Mexican border, White House officials are making plans to act before November's elections to grant work permits to potentially millions of immigrants who are in the US illegally,...

Church legal clinic gives immigrants place to turn

INDIANA, Logansport, (AP):She's worried about her oldest daughter, now almost 18, who's residing with strangers in Honduras.She talks to her daughter almost daily, she said, but the last time she saw her in person was when her daughter was seven years...

News int'l in brief

Strong quake shakes Mexico's Gulf coast - MEXICO CITY (AP):A strong earthquake shook much of eastern Mexico yesterday, but there were no immediate reports of damage or injury.The US Geological Survey said the magnitude-6.3 quake was...

Airline suspends flights amid Ebola

MONROVIA, (AP):Police officers deployed to Liberia's international airport to ensure passengers are screened for Ebola symptoms as a major regional airline announced yesterday it was suspending flights to cities hardest hit by an outbreak that has...

Illegal clinic closed down

PARAMARIBO (CMC):Police have closed down an illegal medical clinic operating under what they have described as "an unpleasant case".The authorities said, acting on a tip off, they went to a street in the capital where they found medical equipment and...

$1,000 Sovaldi now hepatitis treatment of choice

WASHINGTON (AP): A new $1,000-per-pill drug has become the treatment of choice for Americans with hepatitis C, a liver-wasting disease that affects more than three million.Even with insurers reluctant to pay, Sovaldi prescriptions have eclipsed...

Elegant Louvre Garden in Paris infested with rats

PARIS (AP):Rats are on the rampage in the elegant garden of the Louvre Museum, so bold they romp onto the grass in broad daylight, defying sanitation workers and scaring tourists visiting the site.The hot weather in Paris has brought out many picnicking...

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