Charlie Hebdo and free-speech hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of those advocating unrestrained, offensive free speech is infuriating.

Looking through tinted glasses

Tribalists and other defenders of political faith, draw near and take heed.

Je suis Charlie Negre (I am Charlie Black)

Two weeks ago, there was an unprovoked attack by people labelled as Islamic extremists who murdered a set of innocent people.

Bootyful; opening Cuba; and falling oil

While, up to quite recently, a woman would spend quite a lot of time and money taming that big ass, it would seem that quite the opposite has been the trend lately.

No windfall for JPS

Your front-page lead article of Thursday, January 15, 'OUR defends cut', included a statement that "...

Public order and crime: fixing broken windows

On New Year's Day, the Police High Command issued a statement that, this year, the maintenance of public order and public safety is high on its list of priorities.

The new old

Everybody knows where the population explosion came from.

Telecoms boomerang

The Government of Jamaica on Thursday, January 15, 2015 unsurprisingly approved the US$3-billion acquisition of Columbus International by Cable & Wireless Communications PLC (CWC).

If NEPA would only unplug its ears

In response to National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) head Peter Knight's rebuff to my letter regarding the Negril breakwater project, stakeholders feel they have been treated like a collective adversary in this issue:

Promoting entrepreneurship in Jamaica

Virtually all countries in the world, outside of the socialist regimes, view entrepreneurship as a source of wealth and job creation.

Improving Jamaica in 2015: Better parenting

After reflecting on the past year, and contemplating the year ahead, I began to set my personal goals for 2015. Then I thought about the kind of Jamaica I would like to see this year.

A creative response to youth unemployment

It is no secret that youth unemployment is skyrocketing. As a country, we have to be strategic and proactive in responding to this challenge.

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