Will media press back or fold?

Despite the illusion of a worldwide deepening of democracy created by more nations holding frequent elections; expanded private freedoms in formerly repressive countries; burgeoning transparency's new best friend, social media (anyone with a Twitter account or Facebook page can pretend he/she's a journalist), press freedom has never been more vulnerable nor censorship more prevalent.

CCJ can still be manipulated

Perhaps the most dangerous reason advanced to support the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is that an indigenous court is needed to "reflect the moral, social and economic imperatives of its people".

Are there no innocents in Tivoli?

Did an entire community of residents from Tivoli Gardens and its surroundings take on the security forces, fight a one-sided battle, and pay dearly for their folly by losing 70-plus lives and millions of dollars in property in defence of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke?

Tivoli enquiry just drama?

I cried while listening to senior citizen Joan McCarty tell her heart-rending story of losing her grandnephew and son-in-law in that May 2010 Tivoli operation. I tried not to, but I could not help myself.

Buggery: the devil is in the details

The introduction of a new provision that deals specifically with forced anal penetration could result in the existing law being interpreted as dealing only with consensual anal penetration.

Whither people power?

'People power' is a potent phrase that we ought not to dare exploit for political expediency. Rather, we should coalesce around it to change the negatives in our socio-political system.

Permanent secretaries and accountability (Pt 1)

The matter of accountability by permanent secretaries is once again an issue in our Parliament and elsewhere. It is one to which I have given some thought and actually started some work on prior to demitting office as Cabinet Secretary/Head of the Public Service in May 2008.

Getting NHT to work for contributors

I am in full support of The Gleaner's editorial of Sunday, December 7, 2014 that a real debate on the National Housing Trust (NHT) must take place for both the 'inarticulate majority' and the 'articulate minority'.

The fight for religious freedom

December 10 was the United Nations' International Human Rights Day. Jamaica celebrated the day with high international recognition and commendation for religious freedom.

Bureau of Standards: From the horse's mouth

The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) has laboratories in the science and technology and engineering divisions. The S&T laboratories include chemistry, microbiology and packaging, non-metallic and materials. All of these laboratories are in service.

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