Not defeated by ALS

Six years ago, swimming was something that Ronald Pelchat enjoyed doing, but now neither his arms nor legs move voluntarily.

Setting it straight

After four years as a single mother devoting her life to her four children, Yanique Quest has decided to re-enter the dating world. Join us each week as we chronicle her dating journey in Yanique's Quest.

How to groom your best friend

Our pets are our best friends. We nurture them and they reward us by giving us all the love in the world.

Supernatural make-up

From the Twilight saga to Vampire Diaries, audiences around the world have been seduced by these 'animalesque' humans.

Horsing Around

What is it like having a horse as a pet? Unlike many who have the usual cats, dogs and fish, there are a few, like the Schwapp sisters, who chose a 200-pound animal.

Animal instincts

From zebra to cheetah, animal prints are always in. And they alternate through the revolving door of fashion keeping you trendy.

Cheesy pick-up lines (Pt 2)

Now, I don't know about other women, but I believe I have got quite a few inventive pick-up lines over the years.

Bliss in MoBay

Fast approaching its third birthday, Bliss Bridal Boutique has earned the reputation of being a classy, contemporary company that has never lost its main focus - giving brides exceptional service that helps...

Nah brush no teeth!

Remember back in the '90s when one of the popular dancehall phrases was 'Nah watch nuh face?'Well, some persons substituted 'watch' for 'wash' and added in 'nah brush nuh teeth' and 'nah comb nuh hair' in there for good measure.

The legal challenges surrounding surrogacy

While conducting research in preparation for the article Surrogacy and Custody of a Child, I came across some interesting articles and cases on surrogacy, which have prompted me to write this article and highlight the fact that the absence of appropriate legislation could result in legal challenges.

Style at 50

A 50th birthday celebration signifies luxe and glamour unrivalled by any other, and that's what international movie star Vivica Fox received from Columbus Communications when they hosted her soirée last Saturday night. The guests were fêted on the lawns of The Rose Hall Country Club, decorated in a chic and snazzy theme.

Lover's playpen: What animal are you in bed?

We have all heard about being an animal in bed, and the comparative connotation to an animal as it relates to your performance under the sheets is not as strange as you may think.

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