EDITORIAL - Garrisons and electricity theft

We welcome Julian Robinson's clarification that his task force on electricity theft did not wither and, in fact, had a hand in the design of a pilot project in seven inner-city communities, by Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) and the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), to find a solution to the problem.

Dear Winston, we fool fe true

Winston Dear, Montego Bay businessman, in a Letter of the Day 'Outameni slavery theme won't woo tourists' stated that although the attraction is 'historically accurate' it is not appealing to the average visitor because 'slavery is a subject that makes white people uncomfortable'.

Mr Nicholson's apology

There ought to be in Jamaica a new and deeper respect for the character of A.J. Nicholson, the long-serving legislator who is leader of government business in the Senate and also the island's foreign minister.

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diG Jamaica

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