Bauxite to BadRoads

The International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences (ICENS), an agency of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining (MSTEM), has developed a new low-cost mix to repair potholes using a blend made from red mud, the waste material produced from bauxite processing.

Used by a used-car dealer

The automotive industry is said to be lucrative in Jamaica, with many sellers and even more buyers.

Bus-repair training to reduce JUTC costs

Graduates of the Jamaican-German Automotive School (JAGAS) and employees of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) are to be trained in a programme geared towards repairing and refurbishing JUTC buses.

Genesis of beating traffic cameras

Taxi operators and bus drivers, in particular, but just about all motorists are likely to welcome wholeheartedly new technology that alerts drivers to roadside cameras, slowing down their vehicles in order to prevent the driver from being ticketed.

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