Total marking: Team MoBay promises to match Kingston team driver to driver

Just as a football coach tells his charges to strategically employ man-to-man marking in a highly competitive game, Team MoBay's drivers have been instructed to stick close to specific members of the Kingston-based Total Lubricants-sponsored drivers, popularly known as Team Total, at the next race meet.

Edgechem hosts auto paint workshop series

Following the launch of its Automel Super Xtra car paint last month, EdgeChem has organised a number of clinics targeting automotive body paint men, in the proper use of the product and techniques in applying it to motor vehicles.

Jaywalking law not on the books

While there appears to be no immediate plans to introduce a jaywalking law in Jamaica, the new Road Traffic Act is expected to address the duties of pedestrians as they utilise the nation's roadways.

Mercedes-Benz considers external airbag

German automobile Mercedes-Benz has been experimenting with having airbags deployed from beneath their motor vehicles in order to prevent them from crashing.

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