Looking back, stepping forward

Published: Monday | August 6, 2012 Comments 0

As we, today, reflect on 50 years as an independent nation, we have much to celebrate as a people.

We have made significant progress in many fields and our resilient people have the drive and commitment to continue to work hard to make greater achievements in the next 50 years and beyond.

We, too, are committing to continue to be your trusted source of news and opinion. We value your very strong support for our various products. We will not fail you.

Our publication today, too, is special, reflecting the pride of a nation, packaged with stories out of the London Olympics and featuring people from different segments of this great nation, discussing the Jamaican dream.

For this issue, we invited various groups of persons to discuss this notion of a Jamaican dream and, if there is one, what is it? What are the routes to realising this dream? We did not establish a composite Jamaican dream. We came close though. The dream of an educated nation reverberated; and education was seen as the route to other dreams.

Jamaicans have always been striving to achieve their dreams individually and as a sovereign country. In this special package for you, we share the thoughts of many as they look back at the last 50 years and get ready to begin the next 50-year journey.

Even though we have stained the soil with the blood of others. And regrettably so. Even though we have been guilty of gross mismanagement. And regrettably so. Even though we continue to face serious economic challenges. And regrettably so. We have built a strong foundation on which to grow and prosper into the future.

The world has been forced to pay attention to us, not just to our sports and culture, but to a country whose people have virtually invaded the space of every nation on the planet and have excelled.

Today's Gleaner is a keepsake which opens the window to the Jamaican dream.

- Garfield Grandison, Editor-in-Chief

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