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Jamaica tek de world by stahm (Part 1)


See im Mummy a yahd

Wondah why im wuk 'ard?

Now is she feel 'im joy

Well proud a 'im boy

A she pickni did dare

Return di world stare

Bredren cotch pon di wall

Dem a watch im grow tall

Dem a laugh aftah im

Why wayse time a gym?

Different gun a im fate

No im nah 'esitate

Fran dat pistol did fiah

Nuff yout im inspiah

In Jamaica time 'ard

Unger pass true nuff yahd

Plenty penny 'affi scrape

Fi mek im rise to im fate

When im weaken wi' doubt

Ol' Pappy call im out

Muss Anansi nah seh

Swiffess man lead di way?

'Im nah believe in 'go slow'

Ee ave no paht in 'im show

Ah nuh backward we move

Every life muss improve

Almighty God give 'im giff

Man nah trifle wi dis

If 'im give tanks an praise

Di roof ee muss raze

Of course' 'im did dance

'Im leff, nuttin to chance

When 'im lightnin unleash

All Jamaica at peace

Di world cyan keep pace

When tree million a race

Fram di rooftop muss 'allah

Out of Many, One Cullah!

- Steve Shaw

She is 50

Let us marvel at the state of her beauty,

50 years and still going strong.

She attained liberation from her parents abroad

And now takes the world by storm.

She is 50 but has accomplished a lot during her time,

All eyes on her.

Her radiant smile, physical beauty

It's a miracle how she managed to stay in shape.

My mother, our mother and a daughter to the world.

Let us stand in her honor as we celebrate her birth,

Let us rise above the struggles we face as a

family and give praises.

She is 50 and standing so proud,

Jamaica land, her mark will always be around.

- Dujan Crossfield.

I'll always be here for you

I sense a distance between us; you seem very far away;

No longer do you rush to see me at the end of your day.

I cannot help but wonder; am I losing your heart?

Are you drifting away from me?

Are we growing apart?

I remember when you use to touch me;

Oh, what pleasure the thought still brings.

Just the way you would look at me,

Would make my heart sings.

I long for the melody of your voice,

Whispering lovingly into my ear

Endearing words of love that every woman wants to hear.

I am living from the memories we created in the past;

Nights of passionate lovemaking I thought would always last.

Has someone taken your love away?

Is there another where I used to be?

Or is it you've been burdened by life's stormy seas.

Whatever challenges you are facing

Whatever heartache you are going through

Just know you don't have to face them alone

I'll always be here for you.

- Diane Franklyn

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