JPS does it retro style

Published: Sunday | November 29, 2009

Photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
(1) Contestants in the best retro outfit line up for judging.
(2) JPS's Ricardo Reynolds and Daffodil Bruce-Miller take the honours in the best retro outfit contest.
(3) The energetic MC, Ruthlyn Johnson, is full of moves.

Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter

The otherwise quiet surroundings of Norbrook Drive are not unaccustomed to parties, but it's usually the work of the young adult, all-inclusive variety.

Well, last Sunday it was a vibe harking back to the groovy era of the '70s and '80s (which, quite frankly, produced the best music). The occasion was the Jamaica Public Service Company media party and, with the aforementioned decades as the theme, there were some fancy Afros, miniskirts and funky disco shoes to fit the decor. Of course, no Sunday get-together is complete without good brunch, and indulge guests did. Oh well, there go the diets.

Electric boogie

In-between the dancing (and there was plenty of that), guests showed off their knowledge of the light and power company with various trivia games. But the tempo never died down (what do you expect from the energy people), as the DJ kept the hits coming. The real 'bubblers' came to the fore with the 'Bogle', 'butterfly', 'world dance', 'della move' and 'electric boogie' contests. But guests just let the music take over and everyone had a great time, even two gents looking on from the adjoining complex.

Guests out included: Nicole Hayles-McGowan, Chris Sirju, Clinton Pickering, Tony Becca, Marguerite Gauron, Job Nelson, Claudine Edwards, Shelly-Ann Thompson, Maurice Foster, Leon Palmer, Kerrie-Ann Tucker, Devon and Kathy-Ann Yetman, Cecil Thoms, Cassius Watson, Dara Smith, Elon Parkinson, Alison Watson, Durrant Pate, Denise Hunt, Desmond Richards, Yvonne Wilks, Christene King, Naomi Francis, André Jebbinson, Noran Price, Orville Taylor and Petrina Francis, Norma Brown-Bell, Brian Schmidt, Craig Francis and Jean Lowrie-Chin.

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