James stripped of management powers at Access

Access Financial CEO and his lawyers have accused the company's board of breaching the company's articles and a Supreme Court order by appointing a co-chief executive in the ongoing fight to oust Marcus James....

Minott develops own coffee brand, drops Wallenford

Jamaica Standard Products Company Limited (JSP) has rebranded its former Wallenford Blue coffee products to Island Blue at a cost of $20 million and is now exploring new sales strategy to grow business.General Manager John Minott said export sales ...

Tru Juice enters lime market amid shortage

Trade Winds Citrus has introduced a 100 per cent lime juice product locally, amid a decade-old shortage of the citrus fruit.The company has 35 acres of lime trees under production to serve as input for the new product,...

Software company Medullan expands to Jamaica

Software development firm and IT consultancy Medullan Inc officially launched operations in Jamaica on Wednesday and is on the hunt for creative talent.The American company focuses on digital health-care innovation,...

Study: Samsung phone durable, but iPhone has edge

Samsung's new Galaxy S5 smartphone is more durable than last year's model and other leading Android phones, but the iPhone 5s outperformed all of them in part because of its smaller size, a new study finds.The S5 scored well given its water resistance...

Will China buy everything?

China is fast becoming Jamaica's investor of last resort.Our financial strain occasioned by the country's oversized debt-to-GDP burden, the unwillingness of lenders who stuffed us with expensive loans over the last two decades...

Harvesting tax losses

This quote from Don DeLillo's 1997 novel, Underworld, succinctly expressed the reaction that the average business owner will have when properly considering the effect of the new tax regime on losses....

Some airlines drop limes from beverage service

APThis December 28, 2010 file photo shows a Moscow mule, which uses lime and ginger beer to compliment the vodka, in Concord, NH.

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