More casino confusion - Fiesta denies bidding; reveals joint-venture talks with Amaterra

Fiesta Jamaica Limited and developers Amaterra Jamaica Limited are exploring a potential casino resort partnership amid confusion on whether the Spanish hotel group had, in fact, put in its own bid for a so-called...

Loans, Q1 profit spike at Access - Microfinancier finalising credit line with IDB for farmers - James-Mayberry court battle resumes today

Access Financial Services has reported a 30 per cent spike in net profit for the first quarter. The company made $79.91 million for the period ending March compared to $61.5 million made in the similar period in 2013...

Cari-Med owner grabs Claro building - Proven loses out on deal for prime New Kingston asset

Proven Investments has lost out on its bid for the Claro building in New Kingston, according to well-placed sources, who say Glen Christian is now the buyer.Christian said Monday it was too early ...

Auto trader says new hybrid tax backward

Andrew Jackson, CEO of Jetcon Corporation Limited and a past president of the Jamaica Used Car Dealers Association, said Tuesday that the current move by the Government to increase applicable duties on hybrid vehicles is counterintuitive and...

Anniversary of Jamaica-IMF Agreement ... A year of sacrifice and progress

The following is an extract from a speech by the president of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica to the Kiwanis Club of Kingston, on April 15, 2014 - three weeks ahead of the first anniversary of the Jamaica's...

M3 mobile banking goes live in July - Tech partner raises cash to expand mobile money footprint

The Government-backed mobile money product under development for the microsector will hit the market in July, according to Transcel Limited, the technology partner...

Passing the buck

Jampro has been efficient and sent its audited accounts for March 2013 and in-house accounts for February 2014. We are grateful for the response....

Digicel to roll out e-money service in Jamaica

Digicel Jamaica plans to introduce a mobile money service, which will allow smartphone users to receive remittances and to make and receive payments via their cell phone, in a move designed to reach Jamaica's unbanked...

SCOTUS seeks middle ground in Argentina debt case

Bondholders lawsuit creates foreign-policy complication for USThe United States (US) Supreme Court appeared to be searching for a middle ground Monday in the decade-long battle between Argentina and holders of its defaulted bonds.The justices heard...

Venezuela sees a pragmatic revolution

After a year in office, Nicolas Maduro has made little headway in correcting the economic distortions bequeathed by his Comandante.Since Hugo Chávez died in March last year, Venezuelans have suffered rapidly deteriorating...

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